Welcome to Vision Legal. Our goal is to support you as you bring your vision to make a difference in the world through the launch or growth of your business or organization through legal experience and know-how.

Our Philosophy

Vision Legal is dedicated to the understanding that behind every legal service is a person with a vision to grow and succeed at something with the purpose to greatly impact their family legacy, community, and impact the world. This law office dedicates ourselves to the values of hard work, expert and efficient legal services and professional integrity.

Our Mission

The mission of Vision Legal is to provide a high-quality, creative, and results-oriented legal counsel to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations though both the start-up and growth phases of their successful endeavors.


Corporate & Nonprofit

Vision Legal understands the short and long-term implications of decisions made today and how those will affect our clients’ positions tomorrow.


From acquiring a company to raising public or private funds to government investigations and enforcement actions, Vision Legal provide strategic and tactical advice, a range of pragmatic options, and bottom-line results.


As a growing technology company, your unique challenges range from securing funding, protecting IP, and navigating the regulatory environment, to differentiating yourself in the marketplace, managing customer acquisition and scaling your business.


Whether the markets are up or down, whether the economy is expanding or contracting, companies are continually essential growth. Vision Legal is position to provide a direct and hands on approach to assist your business or organization in the growth process.


We seek to foster and encourage initiative, innovation, teamwork and loyalty. Vision legal exists to serve “Christian Kingdom” people and businesses, those whose goal is that their enterprise or creative work involves the desire for a spiritual “return,” in addition to strong and wise financial goals.


Jason Head


Jason has been providing legal insight and business expertise since 2001. He is admitted to both the Virginia Bar and the Texas State Bar, and also proud of his membership to the Fellowship of Ministers and Churches. Having served many people, companies and organizations with legal and business needs, his peers and clients know him to be a high-performing and skilled attorney who genuinely cares about his clients. In addition to being a trusted legal advisor, he is a keen business advisor for executive leadership and senior leadership teams on corporate legal and regulatory matters. His personal mission is to take a genuine interest in his clients, understand their objectives, and meet or exceed their expectations. He seeks to serve as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of his clients’ business growth and development.

“Jason Head has brought so much clarity, vision and focus to my business over the years. He has given me his expert advice legally and given business advice which has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  He is not only an experienced and trusted legal advisor, but someone I trust and I know who cares about me and my success in the marketplace.”

Janet White, Owner of 5 Stones & BrandIconomy


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