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Vision Legal tailors the approach to each client, and that client’s different and individual needs. This comes from five essential areas: focused approaches; consistent and open communications; excellence service; innovative pricing and project management.

Jason Head
Jason Head’s has a 17-year professional career as a primary, high performing attorney and general counsel skilled as a trusted legal and business advisor for executive leadership and senior leadership teams on all corporate legal and regulatory matters. Proven record of excellence in business development and financial knowledge and skills including competitive strategic analysis and transactional law with major corporations. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, revenue generation, negotiation, franchise industry, technology business, intellectual property, financial corporations, securities and mergers/acquisitions.

Jason Head has been providing exception legal and business services for the past 17 years. He has worked for major franchise, nonprofits, technology and financial companies. Companies such as:

  • Homestyle Dining, LLC (formerly Metromedia Restaurant Group)
  • Christ for the Nations, Inc.
  • Geeks on Call, Inc.
  • Christian Broadcast Network
  • Regent University
  • Recording Industry Association of America
  • American Online
  • Liberty Tax
  • Shenandoah Valley National Bank
  • Roach Pharmaceuticals
  • Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals
  • AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
  • Coldwell Banker


Being a true partner means this law firm invest time to learn your business and provide value outside of specific engagements. Vision Legal provides you with industry insights, educational trainings, networking opportunities, referrals, access to information and analysis, and real time advice and counseling to help move your business forward.


Our partnership philosophy is grounded in open communications with clients throughout the relationship, from legal strategy, project status and deliverables to fees, lessons learned and areas for improvement.


By uncovering risk factors and cost drivers upfront, Vision Legal can analyze strategic options and pinpoint outcomes in a detailed work plan. This office regularly monitors plan progress for efficiency, while automated reports update our you in real time on project status and deliverables to eliminate surprises.


Vision Legal works with clients to develop a pricing structure that’s right for each project, focusing on risk sharing and cost predictability. By exploring options like alternative fee arrangements (AFAs), this office demonstrates our investment in our clients’ business success.


A lean, dedicated team with the right mix of talent and expertise is aligned to a work plan every step of the way to deliver cost-effective results.

Client Testimonials

Jason Head has been a business associate for a decade and I know him as extremely trustworthy and sharp. Jason has a unique combination of legal expertise and business leadership experience which is hard to find. He has my wholehearted support and recommendation!

Tom Noon, Owner of C-Level Services and Catalyst Cohorts

As business owners we value our God given resources greatly and are so appreciative of the professional legal services and support we have received from Jason Head. He is very prompt and knowledgeable in helping answer day to day questions regarding corporate legal forms and matters. His legal expertise was also very instrumental in the lengthy process of obtaining federal approval for a nonprofit.  He handled every step with care and precision.

Sarah Hogden, Owner/Director of Hogden Industries

Jason Head has worked with our companies, during which he has been our go to advisor for legal and business nuance.  We have used Jason as our legal advisor for two different business ventures; one in accounting and finance, and the other in the cryptocurrency ICO arena.  He has given us the direction and substance we needed while making it easy to understand.

Shawn Stephens, Owner of BucketPay, HR Aspirin, & Blupass

As the founder of Paradigm 360º Coach Training & Consulting we have been thoroughly been blessed and honored to work with Jason Head and the Vision Legal team. Our certified coaches and consultants have also benefited greatly from the high level of excellence and legal integrity demonstrated by Jason Head and his team. Thank you, Jason, for serving with a servant’s heart.

Christian Lee, Owner/President/COO of Paradigm 360 Coaching & Consulting


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