Areas of Practice

Vision Legal has two distinct type of clients from the for-profit corporation to the non-profit corporation. Both clients have three common areas of intersection, where Vision Legal services are centered. These three primary areas of intersection are (1) financial, (2) technology, and (3) growth/launch. The financial area is to assist clients with financing their business/organization through either debt, investment – capital campaigns, donations, or cryptocurrencies. The technology area is to assist clients with their intellectual property, e-commerce, licensing and monetization of their portfolios. The growth/launch area is to grow one’s business/organization though franchising, biz opportunities, licensing, mergers & acquisitions, or investments. While the launch is for the start-up business or organization on formation, establishing a secure foundation for launch, and safeguarding the entrepreneurs and investors in these endeavors.

Corporate & Nonprofit

Corporate (Compliance / Contracts / Governance) & Nonprofit (IRS / Donations / Hybrids):
Vision Legal understands the short and long-term implications of decisions made today and how those will affect our clients’ positions tomorrow.  In a world of continual change, being agile to move and responded to the changing environment in one’s industry, is a critical skill that Vision Legal has been providing for its clients.   Vision Legal has long been regarded for its sophisticated, Christian marketplace perspective and insight as business cohorts on strategic transactions and advise in structuring / developing new and innovative offerings that will have a high impact on business/organization. Jason Head, himself has the experience on an attorney and client on high tech ventures and investment capital campaigns, where he is uniquely situated to understand the clients’ needs by having sat in that seat and walked that path as a business owner and as an attorney.


Financial (Securities/Private Equity/Investments/FinTech):
From acquiring a company to raising public or private funds to government investigations and enforcement actions, Vision Legal provide strategic and tactical advice, a range of pragmatic options, and bottom-line results. This firm does more than just help our clients survive the current challenges; we partner with them to find the best solutions and identify new business opportunities.


Technology (Intellectual Property/ E-commerce / Licensing):
As a growing technology company, your unique challenges range from securing funding, protecting IP, and navigating the regulatory environment, to differentiating yourself in the marketplace, managing customer acquisition and scaling your business. Vision Legal completely understands this unique position. This law firm is honored to bring a comprehensive, coordinated approach that interconnects business, technologies and the law.


Growth (Franchising / M & A / Business Sales / Estate Plans):
Whether the markets are up or down, whether the economy is expanding or contracting, companies are continually essential growth. Vision Legal is position to provide a direct and hands on approach to assist your business or organization in the growth process. From the actual step by step process of growing the company/organization, to financing, regulatory approval, due diligence, valuation and operational issues to ensuring safeguards are in place for the founders and their families.

In certain unique situations, Vision Legal serves its clients as a general counsel or fractional general counsel for that business or organization.

General Counsel & Fractional General Counsel Services

Vision Legal, PLC provides legal services for rising mid-sized company/organizations poised for growth. By serving as corporate general counsel, though working on an as-needed basis for companies, not at the threshold for a fulltime attorney to enjoy the peace of mind knowing legal and business strategies are sound and positioned for growth.

Vision Legal assists businesses and organizations that are looking to grow and protect themselves in this growth stage. With capital campaigns (securities and debt), growth vehicles (licensing, franchising, mergers & acquisitions), & protection of business (estate planning, intellectual property & contracts).

“Jason Head has worked with our companies, during which he has been our go to advisor for legal and business nuance.  We have used Jason as our legal advisor for two different business ventures; one in accounting and finance, and the other in the cryptocurrency ICO arena.  He has given us the direction and substance we needed while making it easy to understand.”

Shawn Stephens, Owner of BucketPay , HR Aspirin & Blupass

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